Destructuring Feature In ECMA Script 6

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ECMA Script 6 gives the whole world some fantastic features. Today i show you one of the best feature that is destructuring.

Destructuring is an ECMAScript 6 feature which lets you use patterns to extract values from an object or array. (more…)


Configure virtual host in wamp server

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Today we are configuring virtual host in wamp server.

At first go to your wamp server root directory. And then go to path/to/wamp/server/bin/Apache/ApacheX.X.X/conf directory. For, more clear understand you can follow the following picture..


How to use OPENROWSET command in sql server

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Sometimes we need to copy the data from access db to sql server. For transferring data we can use openrowset command.
For using openrowset you need the Ad Hoc Distributed Queries component turned on.
But, by default this component is being turned off for the security of server. But you can turn it on for using the openrowset command.


Accounting Knowledge for Software Engineers Part 3(Double Entry System)

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Today we are going to learn about double entry system of accounting which means debit and credit.
This is the toughest part of accounting.
But, if you are confident about the earlier part of this series then this part is not so difficult.
Now, we all know about the accounting equation, that is..

↑ Asset = Equity + ↑ Liabilities
↑ Expenses                 ↑ Income


Accounting Knowledge for Software Engineers Part 2(Basic Accounting Transaction)

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Thanks for waiting for the finest part of accounting. Today we will see how transactions are stored for basic accounting. In the first part of this series we know that accounting basically lays on equation..
↑ Asset = ↑ Equity + ↑ Liabilities
That means if equity and liabilities goes up then the asset must goes up.

A Transaction can be defined as an exchange of goods or services between two parties.
Now we show the step by step business accounting…

  1. One man starts his business with 15,000$.
    So, the equation is..

    Asset(15,000$) =  Equity(15,000$) + Liabilities(0$)
    a. Bank(15,000$)


Accounting Knowledge for Software Engineers Part 1(Basic Accounting Concept)

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Today we are going to discuss about a different subject that is accounting which is necessary to know for developing an Accounting software, Point of sale, ERP, Banking solution etc.
I divide this tutorial into some series for clearly understanding the accounting.